All for a Good Cause

I hinted in my last post that there has been a lot going on around here. Yes, indeed. Among other things, I’m sewing for the tatas. Say what??

Well, it started out that the amazing trainers at the gym where I work out have organized a fundraiser to support breast cancer research. Great cause, great people, great event. Local to New Haven? Looking for something to do this Saturday night? Check it out – Train For The Tatas.

And then it turned out they were encouraging local craftspeople and other business folks to sponsor booths at the event. Perhaps I got caught up in the moment, riding the wave of enthusiasm as the trainer chirped on about the event to the crowd at our early morning group conditioning class. I decided to spring for a booth to sell some of my creations. You know how you hear people describe someone’s enthusiasm as infectious? Well, this trainer is a morning person, and obviously quite motivational since she’s able to persuade me to voluntarily hand my body over for torture lift, jump and sweat at an hour when sleeping would be my strong preference. I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. Certified night owl.  Apparently this is what happens when I’m allowed to make decisions in the early morning hours after sweating and lifting heavy stuff. Oh yeah, I feel empowered and take on new experiences. I suppose that’s not a bad thing at all!

I’m excited for the event but, I must admit, I’m also a whole lot of anxious. Yikes, putting one’s stuff on display is unnerving. I’ll just focus on the fun stuff for now.

Like tags.

And bags.

And more bags. I donated the clutch and tote bag as raffle items.

I couldn’t resist playing up the pink in keeping with the breast cancer research theme of the event.

A polka dot surprise inside!

And a sneak peek at some of my wares. Flirty skirts!

Is that a bunny in your pocket?

Despite the anxiety running through me today, which will likely only build tomorrow, I am excited to be doing this. And I know tomorrow night will feel magical – there is nothing like being in a room full of women joining together to support a great cause. Maybe I’ll see you Saturday night?

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