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I’m Cate and this is my journal of sorts for my trials and tribulations in sewing, parenting escapades and random life musings.

In what often seems like a former life, I practiced law with a large firm for over ten years. The truth is, I can be one of the dorky types who actually enjoys having her head stuck in a contract, shaping words and clauses just so, negotiating their meaning, drafting, re-drafting, defining terms. Yeah, I know, fun stuff. But in late 2011 I decided to put lawyering aside for a while so I could focus my pursuits on the homefront — being a wife and raising two beautiful babes that make me smile and laugh more often than they make me completely crazed and exhausted.

I wish I could say I’ve had a lifelong love of sewing. With me it was more a case of the old saying … if at first you don’t succeed [at liking something], try, try again.  Although I did endure (barely!) sewing during Home Economics class in eighth grade, and my mom enrolled me in a sewing class somewhere around that time as well, neither experience fanned the flame for sewing. Not even close. Instead I found my love for sewing in the summer of 2011. In a fateful tale of internet wanderings, I stumbled upon a sewing blog one day while looking for, of all things, a macaroni and cheese recipe for my son’s upcoming birthday party. The blog and the sewist’s creations were so lovely and inspirational, I was completely drawn in. And then suddenly, I found myself — the then non-sewer — avidly following a handful of sewing blogs. When I finally couldn’t stand being on the outside of this magical world of sewing, I took a one-day “learn to sew” class from a local instructor, and I’ve been sewing and loving it ever since.

My children have always been my biggest sewing inspiration. I learned to sew when I was about five months pregnant with my daughter, and first sewing projects were little baby clothes for her. She is still the recipient of most of my sewing projects (what can I say, I have a weak spot for cute little dresses), but sewing for her brother is truly awesome because he is always so excited when I make him something and smothers me in hugs and kisses. I also sew for myself, although not as frequently as I’d like, and I’m slowly, very slowly, making curtains for our home (I constantly get derailed by cute dress projects, oops).

I’m always asking myself, what do I want to be when I grow up?  Which, you might argue, is kind of a bad thing since at this age I’m definitely what most people would consider an adult. Right now, I want to sew and sew and sew.

It has taken me a long time to accept that I can’t always get things right, and I shouldn’t wait around until I do; and more importantly, I shouldn’t beat myself up for it. The name “from whole cloth” is both a reference to my fabric-filled adventures behind the sewing machine, and a nod to finally recognizing that I am really just making it up as I go. Heck, aren’t we all?

I appreciate you stopping by. Don’t be a stranger.

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