Easter Dress 2014: Geranium Dress Pattern


I realize Easter was a few months ago, but since I never posted about this dress I thought I’d share it now before it becomes really old news.

I had no intention of making Easter outfits for the kids this year. They already had perfectly acceptable holiday outfits in their wardrobes and I thought I’d save my efforts for something else. And I was 50% true to my intentions. Daisy got a new dress sewn by Mom, and Eli went store-bought all the way.


Shortly before Easter I decided I wanted to make a dress for my cousin’s new baby using the Geranium Dress Sewing Pattern by Made by Rae. However, I had never sewn the pattern and despite my desire to get right down to business I acknowledged that first making a muslin from the pattern would be the more boring most prudent approach. And that, in the overused and likely worn out nutshell, is how my daughter scored a handmade Easter dress. (By the way, what kind of nutshell is it? My vote is for hazelnut or almond. And while we’re debating nuts, why the heck are there multiple names for hazelnuts?)

The effort went well enough that I think this dress can shed the muslin label. The fabrics are both from my stash and admittedly not what would typically be considered muslin fabric; a medium pink gingham for the bodice and a floral for the skirt bottom, both purchased on sale from fabric.com a couple of years ago. The floral fabric is from a Beatrix Potter licensed fabric collection, although I don’t recall the manufacturer.

The Geranium Dress pattern includes several different style variations, and for this dress I chose the notched neckline and the faux cap sleeve. The cap sleeve style looks better when it isn’t paired with a t-shirt underneath, but our Easter weather wasn’t quite mild enough for her to comfortably go bare-armed.


For the kids, the highlight of our Easter festivities was definitely the egg hunt graciously hosted by my sister-in-law. The pictures below perfectly capture why Daisy won’t be scoring the most eggs any time soon.

Eli had the right technique for amassing eggs — locate, grab, drop in basket, repeat.


Whereas Daisy proved to be more of an egg connoisseur, taking her time and inspecting each egg she found.


Yep, she’s still there.  It’s as if I photo-shopped Eli out of the picture. She’s barely moved an inch!

Perhaps she is looking for the Faberge eggs? I could have sworn they told me they’d have Faberge this year! What kind of egg hunt is this?!

I was trying not to interrupt the egg hunting while I snapped a few photos of the dress. It seemed like every time I went to take a picture of her, she was examining an egg with her hands up blocking a view of the notched bodice. I nicely asked “please put your hands down, so mommy can take a picture” and, since Daisy interprets everything so literally, this was the result.


Well, her hands are down. Easter egg hunt zombie style.


Ahhh, sometimes I think that soon enough I’ll know what it’s like to be the mother of the class clown.

Holidays! 2013

christmas kiddos

I can honestly report that the holidays were quite happy around here. There was none (or at least, very little) of the last minute rushing around that creates needless stress. Of course, not everything that was on my to-do list was accomplished, or accomplished in a timely fashion, but I decided to make a focused effort this year not to be busier than necessary. There’s a poster I see making the rounds on various social media outlets that reads, “don’t glorify busy”, or something to that effect. I took it to heart this year. And I liked the results. By not rushing around for extra stuff, it allowed me to put the focus where it should be — on family and friends and embracing the holiday cheer.

It did require me to reign in some of my ideas. And why, by the way, do many of those seemingly great ideas only pop into your mind at the last minute or when your plate is already full? Better under pressure? 

Christmas tree skirt

I admit I couldn’t resist one last minute project — this Christmas tree skirt for my daughter. This was a one-hour at midnight project. I was headed to bed when I realized I didn’t have anything very Christmas-for my daughter to wear to a Santa brunch we were attending the next morning. I originally envisioned this as a red fleece vest with green tree appliques, and a coordinating denim skirt. Thankfully sanity arrived on the scene and reminded me of this sparkly red shirt I bought Daisy (a la Target), so all I needed was to make a quick skirt. And, no — I did not forget about Christmas attire for my son! He just wasn’t cooperating on the wardrobe front that morning. I was placated, however, by the fact that he’s still wearing and liking the pintuck pants I made him during the last Kids Clothes Week. (And speaking of KCW, the organizers just announced the next KCW for the end of January!!)


I hope you all enjoyed a peaceful and happy holiday season, too!  And, Happy New Year! 2014. Wow.

Remember when 2000 (Y2K!) seemed like such a big deal?! Hard to believe that was fourteen years ago. I’ve been amusing myself by remembering how cuckoo lots of people were with Y2K-fever. Hey, weren’t all our computers supposed to simultaneously combust upon the stroke of midnight that New Year’s Eve?

With 2013 behind us, it seems predictably appropriate to spend a little time looking back. Last January, I established two sets of goals for the year ahead. A more set, for things I wanted more of in my life in 2013; and the other was a set of less, for things I hoped to reduce in my life.

I’m indulgently patting myself on the back for satisfying my “more” goals.


  1. take more photos
  2. create a few things using real sewing patterns, not just the patterns I draw for myself
  3. sew an article of clothing for myself

And as a further example of self-indulgence, I am electing to ignore the results of my “less” goals. Why start the year being self-critical, huh?

I haven’t made any resolutions for this new year. I also haven’t sewn anything since December 22nd! I’ve barely spent any time in my sewing room. I’m not stuck in a rut, not being lazy. I’ve just been enjoying the way the holidays tend to make us smile more, be kinder, more expressive, excited about each other’s company and more willing to linger over visits with friends and family. I wonder if I could make this feeling last all year?


A Day of Hearts

A Day of Hearts


I love Valentine’s Day. Not the retail-generated holiday so much (and god help me if I have to watch another Jane Seymour open your heart to love by buying my necklace commercial), but the sentiment behind a day of showing your love. We’re not big gift-givers in this house, and I like that. Okay, so sometimes it’s nice to be surprised with a little something … But generally I find that gifts can unnecessarily complicate relationships, romantic or otherwise.

So, our retail-free Valentine’s Day was spent enjoying a moment or two of showing love through actions. A hug. A hand held. A heart garland sewn. Heart-shaped food prepared and baked. And of course we were decked out in red attire today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!