Daisy Mini Hudson Pants

Hudson Pants 1 by fwc

Another handmade item for back to school — I sewed up a pair Mini Hudson Pants by True Bias. And thanks to a couple days of cooler weather last week, my daughter has already worn them to school.

Slacker admission: I started these pants during the Spring session of Kids Clothes Week. All that was left was for me to sew the cuffs on the pants legs when I started doubting the whole project and set it aside. Do I like my choice of contrast trim on the pockets? Should I make the pant cuffs match the pocket trim? Will she even wear these pants? 

A couple weeks ago, I finally had Daisy try them on, still unfinished, just to test her reaction. She didn’t want to take them off. “These are so cozy, Mama.” That was enough motivation to finish them.

Hudson Pants 3 by fwc

Despite the fact that this pattern has been a favorite of the sewing blog community for quite some time, this was my first time trying the pattern. It was a straightforward project with solid instructions. I used a fun, stretchy knit by Bari J. Ackerman for Art Gallery Fabrics purchased from Hawthorne Threads. Daisies for my little Daisy.

Hudson Pants 4 by fwc

Hudson Pants 5 by fwc

Hudson Pants 2 by fwc

See you next time!