The Early Bird: New Baby Boy & Big Sister Sewing

More baby love (and more little packages) to share!My cousin’s family welcomed a healthy baby boy to the nest two months ago.  Two months ago — where the heck does the time go?

Well, I think we were all expecting it would be more like one month ago, but the little nugget was three weeks early. No problems or issues, just excited to be part of the world, I guess. And who can blame the early bird, especially when he has a lovely big sister to hang with.

I made a pair of baggy knit pants for my new second cousin using a grey and white geometric print I found a few months ago. The print doesn’t particularly scream “baby” but knits are so comfy and easy to pull on and off a baby that it seemed appropriate. I realize we’re all expectantly awaiting summer shorts weather, so I tried to size the pants to fit for early fall. They can always be good pants for air-conditioned indoors if they fit before then.

My favorite part is the leg cuff. I am a big fan of that off-white knit; it has a nice, cushy thickness and good feel. I originally wanted to make the pants the reverse of what they ended up being — solid leg and printed cuff, and a mini printed pocket on the bum — but I finally decided that perhaps white baby pants were not the smartest idea.

I typically like for there to be some sort of connection between what I’m sewing for the new baby and what I’m making for the older sibling. Coordinated colors or prints, perhaps. But once I chose the geometric grey print, I was a little stuck on what to use for big sis. So I went around and around with ideas, until finally I remembered this pink, white and grey bird family print I had in my fabric stash. A little grey for both of them, yet remarkably different in style.

So big sis gets a fun skirt (the same as the two-timing skirts I sell in my Etsy shop) made from two layers of woven cotton. I think the bird family print is charming, and kind of fits with the new baby/family theme. Of course, the bird families on the skirt have three or four little birds sitting on the branch, and I’d like to be clear this is not my attempt to pressure my cousins to keep adding to their brood!!  🙂

I wish my cousin and family happy days with their new son, and restful nights (as if!). A big warm welcome to the early bird!

Oooh Baby, Baby

Oooh Baby, Baby

It is just so much fun to make and gift a creation for someone’s new, human creation — a baby! Yes, another new baby in the extended family. A baby girl with a big sister to watch over her and teach her the ropes. And most likely there will be some occasional hair pulling, toy stealing and other less-than-model behavior, but that’s what helps make younger siblings so resilient (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself about the situation in my house).

With my daughter a short but healthy 13 month old, wearing mostly size 24-month clothing (pants rolled up!), I am forced to acknowledge I am no longer the mother to an infant.  Although she is obviously far from independence, she is becoming more and more of an individual each day. Words are forming; new skills attempted and then honed. Her personality is blooming.

So now I have to get my infant fix from child-bearing friends and family.

Obviously I had many months notice that this baby was coming; and I even knew it was a baby girl. But while I spent time mulling over what would be fun to make for her, I did not actually put needle and thread to fabric. She was born in November, and I’m just now mailing this out. So I’m a little behind in welcoming her to the family. But not for lack of excitement or joy for her arrival! Having my own November baby, I know how easily the impending holidays and end of the year stuff can overtake new baby celebrations. I swear that last year it felt like Daisy was born and then suddenly it was mid-January, and somewhere in between I think had been Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, New Years, etc., although it’s all kind of fuzzy.


Both the pants and the skirt are made from corduroy fabric paired with a ribbed knit waistband. To create a pattern for the pants, I traced a pair of my daughter’s outgrown pants, and then added a tall knit waistband as opposed to making a casing for a more traditional elastic waistband. The corduroy fabric is so soft (I want pants this soft!) and I loved the big bright dots. A bundle of visual and tactile stimulation for baby.

And since all the ooh-ing and aah-ing over a new baby can take its toll on an older sibling, something special for big sister was a must! I wasn’t sure if my cousin is a fan of matching outfits for siblings, so I decided to go with a complementary fabric for big sister, as opposed to the same fabric I used for the pants. The print on the skirt fabric seemed sweetly suited for its recipient.  For big sister’s skirt, I made a yoga-style knit waistband that can be folded over. These projects were actually my first time making knit waistbands. They provide both a casual and a bit more contemporary look than traditional waistbands, and they are pretty forgiving in sizing. A mommy-sized knit skirt may be in my future…

So, welcome little one, and congratulations, big sister! You make a beautiful pair! Now I should probably start planning a baby boy project, because it’s only a few months until the next addition to our extended family!