Music Box Jumper & Wee Wander

Music Box Dress 5

Despite the dearth of blog posts over the past year or so, I was sewing quite a bit. Projects just don’t always make it from sewing machine to website. This weekend as I was clearing outgrown clothes from my children’s drawers and closets, I was reminded of this lovely dress I made my daughter for Easter, 2015. And it still fits! In fact, it probably fits better now than when I made it, so I thought I’d share it here.

Warm weather (hot and humid, actually) made a strong return this past weekend, so the dress got another round of wear.

Music Box Dress 3

I think the dress now has a much better fit through the chest and lengthwise than it did a year and a half ago (see below). But I’m not about to complain about getting such a long period of use out of something I made her.

Music Box Dress 2015

This dress was made from the Oliver + S Music Box Jumper dress pattern. I made pattern View B in a size 4 without any modifications.

Music Box Dress 1

This was actually the first sewing pattern I ever purchased. Back when I was still just a sewing blog stalker and didn’t have any sewing skills, I fell in love with so many of the Oliver + S creations I saw bloggers sharing. Once I took a sewing class, the fact that this particular pattern is touted as a good fit for beginning sewists, in addition to being adorable, is what spurred my purchase. However, as a newly minted sewist, I knew how to sew (somewhat!) but I really didn’t know how to interpret a pattern. I opened the pattern, scratched my head and felt somewhat overwhelmed, and then folded it back up and put it away for so long I nearly forgot about it!

My hesitation and intimidation were truly borne out of my newbie status with patterns; my sewing class focused on learning to sew, not reading patterns. I had no idea what to do with a pattern! Do I cut the pattern? Trace it? What are these markings? My “fear” of patterns led to a lengthy stage where I ignored patterns entirely and just tried to figure everything out on my own with a generous dose of help from the internet. And while there was certainly a benefit to that trial and error phase of my sewing — an interesting combination of stubborn ignorance and inflated confidence — once I started using patterns, I realized that in some ways that phase had kept me from expanding my sewing knowledge and enjoying both the beauty and convenience that can come from sewing with a quality pattern.

Music Box Dress 6

The fabric I selected for this dress is designed by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller fabrics. It is from her Wee Wander collection from a few years ago. I am a big fan of her whimsical illustrations, and this one features a brown-haired little girl with a haircut just like my daughter’s. My daughter noticed her immediately and gleefully exclaimed, “she’s just like me!” I may have given myself a huge little pat on the back for that.

Music Box Dress 2

Music Box Dress 4

I’m so glad we’ve had a long run with this dress. No longer afraid of patterns and a big fan of Oliver + S patterns in particular, I’m in the process of sewing another Oliver + S dress now, and hope to share it soon.